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Knot game nominated for the "Deutscher Lernspielpreis" (German Learning Game Award)

Each year, the magazine "spielen+lernen" and "Studienkreis" present the German Learning Game Award. This year, "The Knot Game" from goki is a nominated for the award.

In the Knot Game, children try to lay as long a rope as possible in a particular colour. The rope ends are linked by knots or they can also end in a knot. The knots are explained to the children: "In harbours you see ships which are moored to the jetties and quays with thick ropes and complicated knots. These knots were developed by seamen a long time ago and are still used to this day. Each knot has its own special function and meaning."

In the detailed game instructions the children learn more about knots and can soon use them themselves.

The knot game is a wonderful game for young skippers, seafarers and sailors.

Player: 2-4 players

Ages: 5+

Goki - The Knot Game

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