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Here is a Sevi case full of fun, where the colorful box becomes the perfect game scenario: it will be enough to open it to bring out a fantastic world in which to bring to life the 15 wooden figures carefully painted front and back. Inside we also find a counter box that allows you to expand the game: the child can play by keeping it inserted or extract it and use it as a second scenario to double the fun! In the savannah between baobabs and tall trees, many exotic animals spend their day in joy! The case closes easily thanks to the magnetic strip.

The box turns into the perfect game setting:
- It includes 15 beautifully crafted wooden figurines painted front and back.  
- A double background made of cardboard can be pulled out to extend the game scene.
- The box can be easily closed with magnetic strip. Making it convenient and easy to take where ever you go.
- Ideal for encouraging creativity and coordination 

Sevi - Play Case Savannah

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